Simple 18 Watt Audio Amplifier Circuit

This is a design circuit for an amplifier circuit. This circuit is very simple to built. The amplifier is based control from TDA 2003 as main control to amp the signal. This circuit works when given input between 12-15VDC, Here’s the figure of the circuit diagram;


TDA2003 is a BCL (bridge amplifier is used) and deliver a car to 18W. TDA-series integrated circuits are well apreciated and used in the amplifier designs and projects. TDA audio amplifier circuits are usually manufactured in Philips and SGS-Thomson. Implementation of this circuit is use for car audio or some mini sound system, but it will work if connected with tone control.

This is a part of the component:

R1; 33K, R2; 82K, R3; 680ohm, C4; 1nF, C1,C2,C3,C5,C6; 100nF, C7; 47uF/16V, C8; 100uF/16V, IC1,IC2 ; TDA 2003, Speaker.



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